Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Statement

For us at MP-Pharma the protection of the Personal Data of our customers and the respect of the individual’s privacy on the internet is a self-evident commitment. We take all the necessary organizational and technical measures required to ensure the security, availability and validity of our users’ and customers’ data.
It is very important for us that this strong commitment is clear to all customers and users of our services. For this reason, we have created this “Privacy Statement – Protection of Personal Data” which describes and explains what kind of personal data we collect, how we manage it and what it can be used for.
MP-Pharma manufactures software and provides internet, consulting, information and training services for businesses as well as individuals. This statement refers to all the software products and services we provide.

Personal data we collect

MP-Pharma collects and processes data exclusively for the purposes of its legal and proper operation and to offer its customers and internet users the best possible user experience. Some of this data is provided directly by our customers or users of our online services, for example, when a new user registers for one of our services or when a customer submits a support request to us. Some data is recorded indirectly and this recording depends on how users use our software products or online services. This is how data is recorded, when technologies such as cookies are used or error reports or statistical usage data are received from the software products to diagnose problems or to improve them. In any case of data collection or sending, clear and explicit acceptance by the user is preceded by an appropriate user interface element.
The data we collect may include the following:
Name and contact information We collect the our users’ first and last name, email address, postal address, telephone number and other similar contact information
Credentials. We collect passwords, password hints, and similar security information used for authentication and access to our services
Payment data. We collect data necessary to process our customers’ payments when they make purchases, such as the number of the payment instrument (eg credit card number), as well as the security code associated with the payment instrument.
We collect data about the product or service that the customer or user uses and how they interact with each other. For example :
Product usage data. We collect anonymous data about the features that users of our products and online and other services use.
Bug reports and performance data. We collect information about the performance of our software, as well as any problems that users have with it. This data helps us diagnose product problems, as well as improve our products and provide solutions.
Troubleshooting and Help Data. When customers contact MP-Pharma for troubleshooting and support, we collect data about the customers as well as other details related to the incident. Such data includes communication or authentication data, the content of conversations and other communications with MP-Pharma, data about the state of the machine and application when the error occurred and during diagnostics, as well as system and registry data related to software installations and hardware configurations.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

MP-Pharma uses cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar technologies and services that use the IP address to provide its web sites and mobile applications and its electronic services. Cookies allow us, among other things, to store your preferences and settings, allow you to log in, provide interest-based advertising, provide notifications, help fight fraud, and analyze the performance of our web sites and our online services. For the above purposes, services such as Google Analyti are also used

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